BREAKING: “California Screamin” to be changed to “The Incredicoaster”

Disney announced its plans for upcoming changes to Paradise Pier in the next few months. We’ve known for awhile that the area in Disney’s California Adventure will be changed to what is known as Pixar Pier by Summer 2018, but we did not know exactly what that would entail. Today, Disney provided a few looks into what we can expect in the transformed area.

The Pier is going to be broken up into four separate sections called “neighborhoods”. First, and the most obvious change, will be inspired by “The Incredibles” and will be home to the new Incredicoaster. This will include changing the loading area and updating the overall look of California Screamin which is set to close on January 8th, 2018 to make way for these changes.

The next neighborhood will be inspired by “Toy Story” and be the area where Toy Story Mania resides. The third neighborhood will be inspired by “Inside Out” and host a new family-friendly attraction, which will open later than the Summer 2018 date.

Lastly, we have a neighborhood dedicated to the celebration of Pixar stories. This includes an update to the iconic Mickey’s Fun Wheel where different Pixar character faces will be on the gondolas.

Pixar Pier opens during the limited Pixar Fest Celebration on April 13th, 2018. The changes to the surrounding area have no exact date but are expected to be in Summer 2018

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