UPDATE: Disney Springs Store “D-Living” Closing

It looks like a small change is in store for Disney Springs. D-Living was a store with Disney-themed house objects, such as towels, silverware, and even grilling equipment. Now, there is a sign up front stating the closure of the store and the replacement seems to be a Disney-themed jewelry store called Ever After Jewelry.

No real reason for the closure has been given, although speculation seems to be based around poor sales after removing items based around Beauty and the Beast.

Chris’ take: While I went to the store a few separate times, I was never inclined to buy anything. I’m interested in seeing how another jewelry store will do in Disney Springs, especially with the popularity and relationship with Pandora that Disney has.

UPDATE: Ever After Jewelry has now officially opened. The new store carries brands Disney has collaborated with such as Pandora, ALEX AND ANI, and Dooney & Bourke.

Chris Payne

Disney enthusiast from Oklahoma. Hoping to spread my love of Disney around the world!

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