Review: Come Hungry to Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom

Let’s take a trip back in time to the days or our founding fathers! Liberty Tree Tavern is exactly that. This historic affair is located in the just adjacent to the Liberty Bell and next to The Diamond Horseshoe in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom. We visited in January of 2018 for lunch.


First thing’s first, let’s talk about the food. This is one of my favorite parts of Walt Disney World, the immense variety and quality of restaurants on Disney Property.

The food at Liberty Tree Tavern is no exception to this. Liberty Tree offers a variety of American style entrees, but is known for one thing: All you care to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. While this restaurant has many ala-carte options (seen later), many guests dine at Liberty Tree for this “more indulgent” experience.

All-You-Care-to-Enjoy Bill of Fare

This isn’t just a simple buffet. It’s a table serviced, family style, plate after plate, food fest. This Bill of Fare is a flat rate fee for as much of a specified menu as you care to enjoy. The menu (shown below) features a set fare of a light salad, a substantially heavy main course, and a shareable dessert. Don’t worry, there is no shortage of food for anyone.


Though I didn’t take part in the salad (as I typically don’t), I was assured by my review partner that the salad was fresh and tasty. The Patriot’s Platter, however, is right up my alley. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and I take every opportunity to enjoy a meal like this when I can. The platter provides you three different meats for everyone to try: a thinly sliced turkey breast, a larger chuck of beef pot roast, and a good sized portion of pork pot roast with some of the fixings around it.

The rest of the food is pretty much as advertised. Each item is served in its own family sized bowl to be passed around for each guest in your party, and our server was constantly refilling them for us as needed. The mashed potatoes were fresh and seasoned well with garlic and butter. The seasonal vegetables were served in separate bowls for each vegetable. Picky eaters: fear not! Everything is served separately from each other. Our “seasonal vegetables” featured corn kernels and green beans. Herb Stuffing is a “must have” for many families in America who celebrate Thanksgiving. Liberty Tree’s stuffing is nothing out of the ordinary, but tastes exactly like you would expect it to. Let me speak for a second on the macaroni and cheese. It’s a classic style dish, no frills here. No bacon, no spice, just a classic fare. I would have it no other way. The macaroni and cheese was excellent, just as all of the food was. A picture of our table is below:


One thing pictured in this image that is not listed on the menus you may find online is a platter of soft bread rolls with whipped honey butter. The rolls were, well, rolls, but the honey butter was “to die for”.

Liberty Tree Dessert

Don’t forget dessert! The Patriots Platter finishes off your meal with a chocolate chip toffee cake and a heavy scoop of vanilla ice cream. Depending on your party’s size and configuration, you may receive your own personal serving or one larger serving. We received one serving (shown above) and it was more than enough for three hungry adults. 


The atmosphere of Liberty Tree Tavern is complimentary to the rest of Liberty Square. Classic style architecture brings feelings of a simpler time to the table as you sit in a quaint dining room, served by stewards in traditional colonial attire. 

Portions of this restaurant are named after famous founders of the U.S.


Sitting inside this restaurant felt more like my grandma’s house than a colonial tavern, but it was comfy nonetheless. The decor is simple, but feels authentic. 

Here’s a MAJOR perk about this restaurant. It is pretty much in the very center of the park. Its just off “The Hub” location lends it self to a great spot near the parade route and a quick trip to any of the other areas of Magic Kingdom.


This restaurant falls right into about average price for a table service restaurant at Walt Disney World. Disney lists the price for an adult entree as $15 to $34.99, which includes its most expensive all you care to enjoy option. 

For the most part, this restaurant is reservation only. This is simply because of its popularity. Don’t forget: Disney dining reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance. 

Just as the title of this review says, “come hungry to Liberty Tree Tavern”. While this restaurant offers many options for ala-carte food, I feel that the best value for your money is the Patriot’s Platter of all you care to enjoy Thanksgiving fare. As an additional way to save some $$$, I would recommend placing this reservation just after the lunch hour. This will allow you to really fill up and last till late into the evening.

Overall, Liberty Tree Tavern has easily become one of my favorite restaurants at Magic Kingdom and maybe even at Walt Disney World. Its quality food and authentic atmosphere make it a “must do” for any Magic Kingdom visitor. 

Some additional pictures are featured below:

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