Star Wars: Galactic Nights Update

New information regarding the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were released today on The Star Wars Show. Warwick Davis, who has previously hosted Star Wars: Celebration, will be returning to host the event. A panel moderated by David Collins called “Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” will also take place during the event. The panel will feature Scott Trowbridge, Robin Reardon, Chris Beatty, and Doug Chiang, along with a sneak peek into the new park.

Darren’s Take: This is an extremely exciting event that is taking place at the perfect time for media exposure. Star Wars: Galactic Nights is December 16th which is the day after The Last Jedi will be released. All eyes will be on Star Wars that weekend already, and any news that may come out about the much anticipated Galaxy’s Edge will add to the hysteria.

The latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is below:

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