The Edison hosts New Year’s Eve party at Disney Springs (Pics and opening date)

As part of its initial opening, The Edison, a new restaurant concept by the Patina Restaurant Group, hosted its first public event to showcase the new restaurant. While not much was known during its construction, we now have lots of new details about The Edison’s concept, offerings, and even an opening date for regular business.

During the New Year’s Eve event, guests had the opportunity to try new food and beverage as well as explore the restaurant. Here are some pictures posted by @TheEdisonFLA from the grand opening:

Chef Art Smith from Homecomin’, another popular restaurant in Disney Springs, was also on hand to experience the new restaurant:

As you can see, the theme of this restaurant is something unlike anything else in Disney Springs. The restaurant features (what I would describe as) a mix between steampunk and roaring 20s atmosphere with intricate decor to match. As you enter, you are greeted with a large open clock and rustic windows. The interior of the venue was dark for the party and it’s yet to be seen if this will be how the restaurant is kept during normal business hours. It feels much like its sister restaurant, The Edison in Los Angeles. The decor is based around a 1920’s power plant and the history of electricity. Many other guests posted their opinions of the new venue, and reviews seemed very positive. Just looking at pictures, this restaurant seems like a great, unique addition to the Disney Springs offerings.

So when does it open?

While The Edison is not open for all to enjoy yet, we now have some official dates to look forward to. When asked about normal operating hours today, @TheEdisonFLA replied with this:

Essentially, we can expect to see a lot more information about this new restaurant during the first month of 2018. As stated, reservations will also soon be available through Opentable, an app for dining reservations all over the world. This is just part of an expansion by disney, who added many non-Disney owned restaurants to Opentable just last week.

This is just one of the new offerings coming to Disney Springs in 2018 as Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante and Enzo’s Hideaway are set to open soon too.

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