Exploring Disney’s All Star Resorts: Movies (Video + Photos)

In the first of many resort reviews to come, I think it’s wise to create a grading scale to compare and contrast each resort. Resorts and hotels at Walt Disney World feature unique theming, dining, and activities to enhance any adventure to “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. My reviews for WDW Weekly will consider four key categories: theme, amenities, room, and value. “Theme” will take an overall approach to the resort and its theming. “Amenities” includes (but is not limited to) restaurants, pools, and activities. The “room” category will take an in-depth look at a real resort room that one of our writers stayed a night in. Finally, the “value” category compiles all this information and compares it to an average price per night to determine the true value of a stay.

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort


Exterior Fantasia.jpg

If you’ve ever stayed at one of Disney’s All Star Resorts, you probably already know that these resorts aim for a fun, afforadable vibe for families. Each of the three resorts (Music, Sports, Movies) provide essentially the same amenities and room options, just themed differently. I stay at All Star: Movies in January of 2018 and this was the first time I had stayed at an All Star Resort since I was about six years old. I had fond memories of larger-than-life characters outside of motel like buildings. Revisiting this resort, I see things differently, but not neccesarily negatively.

The movies theme is definetly larger than life. However, I think that many families and disney fans alike will find this theming fun and fairly immersive.


All Star Movies Lobby.jpg

The All Star Resorts feature a pretty small list of amenities including a food court, pool, and arcade.

All Star Movies has two distinctly themed pools. The Fantasia pool is just off the main lobby and is surrounded by the Fantasia themed buildings. The Duck Pond pool sits between The Mighty Ducks themed buildings.

The World Premiere Food Court offers several different types of cuisine including Italian and American style food during the lunch and dinner hours with a pretty standard breakfast selection during the morning hours. There is also a refridgerated section of grab-and-go items like juices, soda, and water.

Just outside of the food court is a small poolside bar, The Silver Screen Pool Spirits Bar. This walk up features a full bar with coctails themed to classic movies.

The resort also features a small arcade, and other activities like free movies under the stars, tons of poolside games, and a morning yoga session several days a week.

I had just two meals at All Star Movies during my last stay. However, I was impressed with the quality of food available at World Premiere Food Court. The food offerings were actually recently updated at this resort and I am happy to say that myself and the guests in my party were satisfied with our breakfast and lunch meals.


The rooms at this resort are very “basic”. This isnt to say that they are poorly managed. They are the most simplistic room you can book on Walt Disney World property, free of the frills of USB outlets and large flat panel TVs. The rooms do feature a mini-fridge, which could be a nice feature for families who may need to store food during their stay.

My biggest complaint about these rooms is the furnishing of two full beds instead of two queens. This is common at many of the Value level resorts at WDW. This configuration is probably managable for some families, but for my most recent trip with 3 grown adults, it was less than spacious. The beds are comfortable enough. I am not incredibly picky when it comes to mattresses.

Pictures below show more details about the room:

Two full beds
Dresser All Star
A dresser with several drawers and, conveniently, a mini fridge
The bathroom features a full shower and tub that are seperated from the main room.
A small area allows guests to hang clothes or store extra towels and blankets.


Overall, I think the value of these resorts is phenominal. It is one of the cheapest options you can book to take advantage of all that staying on Disney property has to offer. With average fairs for this resort sitting right around $85 – $100 per night, I would reccomend it for it’s price point. This is the least expensive way to get the benefits such as free Disney bus transportation, “Extra Magic Hours”, and proximity to the parks.

This resort is definitely a no frills style resort and you are getting what you pay for.


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