New Signature Restaurant Coming to Japan Pavillion in Epcot

Internal documents provided to fellow news site WDW News Tonight indicate that we will soon be getting a new signature restaurant in the Japan Pavillion at Epcot. Written by Tom Corless, these documents show that a space to the right of the ever popular Mitsukoshi store will host a new Japanese steakhouse themed to different nature elements. These elements include the likes of water, wind, stone, and earth related rooms.

It is worth noting that while Disney and the company in charge of overseeing the restaurant have not had an official announcement, Mitsukoshi recently finished going through construction to block off the original entrance to the store. Most of the entrance up to the figure display and the oyster opening area is now blocked off and behind a wall, so this does point to the documentation as being valid

Chris’s Take: I’ve spoken ad nauseam on how much I love the Japan Pavilion and how it’s one of my favorite places on property. That being said, I do feel that the area did not need another restaurant. There are currently 3 seperate offerings, the Quick-Service in Katsura Grill and the two sit down dining in Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo. While I’m sure the steakhouse will be as delicious as the other three, I would more more like to see an attraction in development for the area. Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly eat at this restaurant and I’m sure I’ll love it, but a Big Hero 6 themed attraction would get me more excited.

Original Story and credit can be found at WDWNT

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